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Zektustries was built on the idea to Create

As a team, we are determined to perfect
the film and animation industries by creating
better 2D and 3D animation with
better detail and more in-depth story telling.
We want to make a difference how the world sees
animation and film.

We will be the change of this generation.




Graduated from Edinboro University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Created his own YouTube channel at the age of twelve and continued to perfect it throughout the ten years. He was a self taught editor and creator of various little animated videos that he has shared on his YouTube channel. Through his time at Edinboro University, he perfected his skills in animation and film. On his off time from college he spent a short time at the Cleveland Institute of Art and studied abroad in Japan to broaden his education in different types of animation. He has Studied at the New York Film academy to continue his education in the Avid software for the film industry. Along with his organizational skills and directing abilities, he is proficient in Premier, After Effects and Photoshop. Although having the background in all fields in animation, he prefers to specialize in editing and producing the final project.